Assorted Stickers (16 Stickers)
Assorted Stickers (16 Stickers)
Mining Mayhem

Assorted Stickers (16 Stickers)

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SIXTEEN classic Mining Mayhem stickers.

All printed on UV Protected ☀️ Glossy Vinyl for Outdoor Use.

Some of these are only available in this pack.

  • MAY-HEM Number Plate Sticker
  • Leave It for Day Shift (Large)
  • Leave It for Day Shift (Small)
  • TEN Before 10
  • I LOVE NIGHTSHIFT (what day is it?)
  • NOT MY PROBLEM (white)
  • NOT MY PROBLEM (black)
  • FLY OUT DAY Plane
  • SEND IT!
  • Your Hole Is My Goal (Large)
  • Your Hole Is My Goal (Small)
  • Leave It For Nightshift (Large)
  • Leave It For Nightshift (Small)
  • Work Hard, Play Hard
  • Australian Mining Coat Of Arms

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